Welcome Towns County FBLA Members!!!!
 A new beginning is here and it is time we DIVE INTO another EXCITING
year filled with success. Last year we transformed into better business leaders
and reached goals that have never been reached before. Between conferences at
the region, state and national level; challenging competitions and social
activities brought us together we reached a new record of 130 members!
As we grow in more members, new and old, be thinking about how YOU, personally can DIVE IN to FBLA,
whether it’s competing in many events, becoming more active with community
service projects, getting others to join FBLA, reaching your highest leadership
potential, traveling to other conferences and networking with thousands of FBLA
members. Many opportunities will be offered to you throughout the year, to gain leadership and professional
business skills, TAKE ADVANTAGE and DIVE IN! I wish you luck as you make a
SPLASH diving into another successful year in FBLA. On behalf of the 2011-2012
TCHS FBLA Local Officer Team, I encourage you to work hard during this year to
reach your goals and wish you the best of luck! I am most positive that if we
can work together, anything is possible.